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Helix option in Rapidform XOR

Helixcommand allows you to create a helical curve.


How to use Curve Helix command

Clickimage47_1034 button on the toolbar, or clickInsert >Modeling Feature > Helix.


Select a Vector as Axis.


Select a Ref. Point as Starts (start position).


4. Set the Angle, Height, Radius or Pitch in the Profile View. You can drag the blue point or specify the numerical value in each field.


Click OK.


Constant – creates a constant pitch’s helix curve.
l Variable – Creates a changeable pitch’s helix curve.
l Axis – You can select a Ref. Vector, Curve, Edge, Region or Face for Aixs of the helix.


l Starts – You can select a Curve Point, Ref. Point, Ref.Coordinate or Vertex for the start position.
l Plot Mesh Section As Guide – When you create a helix on the mesh data, you can get the silhouette profile of mesh data which is shown in the Profile View. Therefore you can easily define the helix properties refer to this silhouette profile.
l Counter Clockwise – If checked, the helix direction will be counter clockwise.
l Clockwise – If checked, the helix direction will be clockwise.
l Extend To Opposite Direction – If checked, you can extend the helix curve to the opposite direction with its number of cycle.


l Profile View

You can define Helix’s properties (Height, Radius, Pitch or Angle) in the Profile View.

– The horizontal axis is Height and the vertical axis is Radius.

– You can drag a node point or set the specific values on the widget directly.

– Under the Variable option, you can add more node points by clicking.

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