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Healing Wizard option in Rapidform XOR

Healing Wizard command provides functions to clean defective poly-vertices or poly-faces. It is not executed in the order of the options on the dialog tree.


How to use Healing Wizard command

Click dff2button on the toolbar, or click Tools > Mesh Tools > Healing Wizard. The application detects erroneous poly-faces with specified colors.


Check on the check box that you want to clean and click OK button.


The application heals erroneous poly-faces and cleans unnecessary poly-vertices and poly-faces.


Options in Detail


l Folded Poly-Faces – If checked, folded poly-faces will be deleted.
l Dangling Poly-Faces–If checked, you can input 2 or 3 side open poly-face which will be removed.


l Small Clusters- If checked, you can input a value in the Face Count In A Cluster box and a cluster (a group of connected poly-faces) that have less than the specified number of poly-faces will be removed.


<Small Clusters>

l Small Poly-Faces – If is checked, you can input a value in the Area Is Smaller Than box and poly-faces whose areas are smaller than this value will be removed.


<Small Poly-face Whose Area Is Smaller Than 0.1>

l Non-Manifold Poly-Faces – If checked, non-manifold faces and redundant poly-faces will be removed.
l Crossing Poly-Faces – If checked, all the crossing faces will be removed.
l Small Tunnels – Small tunnels mean poly-faces’ shape is constructed such as a tunnel or handle. If Small Tunnels is checked, you can input in the Poly-Face Count In Turnel box and the tunnel faces, whose faces’ number to the tunnel direction is shorter than this value, will be removed.


<Tunnel Shape>

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