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Group Face dialog box siemens NX

Face to Group

Select Face

Lets you select the faces to collect into a Group Face feature.

Faces do not need to be edge-connected, and can be on different bodies.

Selection Intent is available when you select the faces.

Face Finder

Lets you select faces based on how their geometry compares with the selected face.


Lists suggested faces.

When you move the cursor over an option in the list, the corresponding faces are highlighted in the graphics window. Select the option check box to select the highlighted faces.


Browse options are available only if you select the Use Face Finder check box in the Settings tab.


Lists the geometric conditions that you can use to select related faces. If you select a geometric condition, the Results tab lists those faces as selected.

  • Use Face Finder (selected by default)

  • Select Coaxial

  • Select Tangent

  • Select Coplanar

  • Select Coplanar Axes

  • Select Equal Radius

  • Select Symmetric

  • Select Offset


Lists the coordinate systems that you can reference:

  • Absolute – Work Part

  • Absolute – Displayed Part

  • WCS – Work Part

  • WCS – Displayed Part

  • New CSYS

    If you select New CSYS, Specify CSYS options are available.

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