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Graphing Results on an Edge solidworks simulation

You can generate a 2-D graph of the desired result on a selected edge of the model. The graph displays the result (Y-axis) versus parametric distance along the selected edge (X-axis). This option is available when you select only one edge.

  1. Display the desired result plot in the graphics area.
  2. In the Simulation study tree, right-click the plot icon and select Probe .
  3. In the Probe Result PropertyManager, under Options, select On selected entities.
  4. Under Results:
    1. In the graphics area, click the edge on which you want to plot the displayed result.
    2. Click Update.

    The result values are listed for all nodes associated with the selected edge. To reverse the parametric variable, select Flip edge plot.

  5. Under Report Options, click Plot.

    The Edge Plot window opens and displays values of the displayed result (Y-axis of the graph) versus the parametric distance on the selected edge normalized to 1 (X-axis).

  6. Click to close the graph window.
  7. Click .

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