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Global Remesh option in Rapidform XOR

Global Remesh command re-triangulates the poly-faces of a selected mesh and improves the quality of each poly-face in it. A poly-face of good quality means that the poly-face shape is close to an equilateral triangle. You also can fill holes and create closed mesh.


How to use Global Remesh command

Click image47_1367button on the toolbar, or click Tools > Mesh Tools > Global Remesh.


Click image47_1369Preview button. If you are not satisfied with the result, click Cancel button and change the value and try again.


If you satisfy the result. Click OK button.image47_1371

Options in Deta


l Edge Length Multiplier – You can input a specific number to multiply the length of original edge. If you change this value, you can see relative average edge length under this option.


l Target Average Edge Length– You can input a specific number to decide edge length of regenerating poly-face.


l Make Clean And Manifold Solid Mesh – If you check, defected or imperfect polygon data such as existing holes, crossing poly-faces or bad normal etc, are cleaned and create closed model.


l Assume Combined Multiple Scan Data Sets – In case of polygon data that is constructed with several scan sets, it may contain erroneous data between overlap regions. If you check this option, the application regenerate smoother and better quality surface of polygon.

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