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Geometry Palette Interface gibbscam

The Geometry Creation palette contains all of the text creation tools including free-form CAD tools geometry from solids tools and Geometry Expert. The buttons in the palette access sub-palettes and dialogs that allow the user to enter feature specifications and create shapes.

The Geometry palette is where all forms of geometry are created. Sub-palettes create specific types of geometry. The Connect/Disconnect button creates connections, terminators or disconnects features. Geometry Expert allows geometry shapes and features to be defined quickly with a table.

Geo PaletteL1_andCallouts

1. Point
2. Line
3. Circle
4. Shape
5. Curve
6. Chamfer/Fillet
7. Geo From Solids
8. Connect/Disconnect
9. Geometry Expert
10. Dialog controls
11. Workgroup Info (Level 1 only)
12. Workgroup list (Level 1 only)

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