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Geometry Context Menus gibbscam

Right-click geometry to open a list of options in a context menu. These options are Connect/Disconnect, Change to CS, Change Feature From “Wall” to “Air”, Reverse Arc, Mouse Position, Use Color and Use Color of Selected.

 Geo Context menu

Connect / Disconnect

This option will connect any two overlapping or tangential geometric features that are selected. It works exactly the same as the Connect/Disconnect button. A connecting point will be created if it is required; otherwise, if there is a point where the features are to be connected that point will be used. When disconnecting geometry you must select either the connecting point or select the features to be disconnected; you do not need to select the point and features to disconnect them. For more information on the Connect-Disconnect button, see Connect/Disconnect.

Change to CS

This item will change the current coordinate system to the coordinate system of the currently selected geometry.

Change Feature from “Wall” to “Air”

The context menu of geometry allows users to designate the selected geometry as “Wall” or “Air”. The dialog will always show what the geometry can be changed to. Wall is the default setting for geometry. Air changes the behavior of geometry when setting up machining operations.

When geometry is designated as Air it is changed from it’s normal color of blue to red. This red or “Air” geometry acts as a constraint similar to regular geometry except that the toolpath will overhang this area by the amount specified in the machining dialog. See the Mill manual for information regarding machining with “Air” geometry and Overhang.

Reverse Arc

This option will reverse the direction of the selected arc. This option will be grayed out if the selection is not an arc.

Mouse Position

When Mouse Position is selected, the standard mouse position dialog will be brought up on your screen. This will save having to access the View menu to select this item. See the Common Reference Guide for information regarding Mouse Position.

User Color

This will bring up a dialog allowing you to select a specific color for a geometry feature.

User Color of Selected

This will bring up a dialog allowing you to select specific color(s) for selected geometry features. Each may be assigned its own color.

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