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Generating a Report solidworks simulation

The following procedure demonstrates the typical workflow for generating a report.

  1. Click Report (Simulation CommandManager).
  2. In the dialog box, under Report sections:
    1. Select the sections to include. Clear sections that are not included.
    2. Add comments and toggle options for each included section. Select an item in the list, then update the information under Section properties.
  3. Enter the Header information. This information appears at the beginning of the report and at the top of each page.

    Logo Browse to a *.bmp, *.gif, or *.jpg file.


  4. Under Document settings:
    1. Update the Report publish options and Document name.
    2. Select Show report on publish to open the report when you publish the report.
    3. Select Include existing images to copy all or selected images that were added to the Images folder with Include Image for Report.
  5. Do one of the following:
    • Click Apply to save changes and continue modifying the report.
    • Click Publish to save changes and generate the report.
To change the default sections for any report format, click Simulation > Options. On the Default Options tab, click Report. Select the Report format, select the Report sections, set options, and click OK.

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