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Format menu in delcam shoemaker


Use this menu to specify the settings to be used when rendering:



Format > Transparency

Use the options on the submenu to create transparency on a shaded object.bg2

  1. Select the objects that are to be given transparency.
  2. Select Format > Transparency to create transparency on a shaded object, even if the material is not transparent. This ‘quick’ transparency is saved with the object and overrides any setting in the material.
  3. Select the appropriate option from the menu. Show Transparency is selected by default. If deselected, the following transparency options are not available:
    • Dynamic displays the Set Object Transparency toolbar. Use the slider on this toolbar to adjust the transparency.
      • Selecting Dynamic is the same as selecting the objects and pressing Shift + F4.
    • None gives no transparency for selected objects.
    • 0.25 sets 25% transparency for selected objects.
    • 0.5 sets 50% transparency for selected objects.
    • 0.75 sets 75% transparency for selected objects.

Format > Lights

Use this option to set up the lights in the shaded and render views.

  1. From the Format menu, select Lights to display the Light Studio Selector dialog.bg3
  2. Use this dialog to set up the lights.

Light Studio Groups – You can choose either standard or spot lights. You can also set up custom lights

Light Studio – This contains the direction of the lights.

  1. Select an option.
  2. Click OK to apply the changes to the shaded view and remove the dialog from the screen.

For further details, see “Changing lights in the lights studio

The Light Studio Selector can also be displayed by clicking bg4(Views toolbar).

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