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Fix Normal option in Rapidform XOR

Fix Normal command harmonizes the normal of poly-faces.


How to use Fix Normal command

Clickdgg2button on the toolbar, or click Tools > Mesh Tools > Fix Normal.


Check Automatic and select the Propagate Geometrical sub method. Pick a seed poly-face. As soon as you select a poly-face, you will see the result on the screen.


If you want to reverse a normal manually, check Interactive and pick a seed poly-face

Options in Deta


l Automatic – If you select Automatic, there are 3 sub methods. Propagate Topological fixes normal of picked mesh and this function works for only inside of a boundary. Propagate Geometrical fixes normal of picked mesh which has several boundaries. This function works for whole part of mesh. It is useful when you fix normal of CAD polygon. Repair Tangled Faces method is usually used to correct the twisted topology, a common occurrence when triangulating models with thin walls. It also might be introduced when polygonize a point cloud not being divided into inside an outside; or when deal with a data from a bad quality scanner that produces noise evenly distributed in the whole data; or when deals with bad registered data.
l Interactive– If you pick a seed poly-face, selected mesh’s normal will be reversed.
l Entire Mesh – If you check this option and click Apply, entire normal of mesh will be reversed.

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