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Finding machining features siemens NX

Find Features lets you create machining features from different sources:

  • Feature Identification selects standard features and User Defined Features (UDFs) from the part model. This method requires a part model that was created with features.

    For more information about UDFs, see User Defined Features.

    (This method is often called Design using Manufacturing Features or Design for Manufacturing.)

  • Parametric Recognition selects machining features by analyzing the part geometry. This method does not require a part model that was created with features.

  • Manual Recognition lets you control feature selection by manually specifying features and their faces when the automatic methods do not produce the desired result. Only manually recognized features can be edited by adding or removing faces.

  • Legacy Hole Recognition and Legacy Face and Pocket Recognition let you select legacy feature types.

Where do I find it?




ToolsMachining Feature NavigatorFind Features

Shortcut menu

Machining Feature Navigator→right–click in the background→Find Features

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