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Filters Save the Day Revit mep

James has been working on a medical facility in Revit MEP 2012. When he completes the project, he submits it to the state review board to make sure that the plans meet the state requirements for standards of care for health facilities. The only comments from the reviewer are that she would like
to have the different duct systems shown with different patterns to help tell the systems apart more clearly. To accomplish this, James uses system filters to distinguish the different duct systems. The following steps show how he accomplishes his goal:
1 . After using the shortcut VG to open the Visibility/Graphic Overrides dialog box, he selects
Filters New/Edit. Next, he duplicates Mechanical – Supply (twice) and renames the new filters Mechanical Supply Air 1and Mechanical Supply Air 2, as shown here.

2 . Next, he changes the filter rules from System Type to System Name and changes the Contains statement to Mechanical Supply Air 1. He repeats the process for Mechanical Supply Air 2.

3 . Once he has his filter rules created, he adds them to his filters and then adds patterns to help show the difference between the two supply systems.


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