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Fillet option in Rapidform XOR

Filletcommand allows you to create round shape edge of solid.


How to use Fillet command

Clickimage47_925 button on the toolbar, or click Insert >Modeling Feature > Fillet.
Select Various Fillet.Select two edges like below:


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Transition Method – You can decide transition on the position of start and end. Smooth Transition creates a fillet that changes smoothly from one radius to another when matching a fillet edge to the adjacent face. Linear Transition creates a fillet that changes from one radius to another linearly without matching edge tangency with an adjacent fillet.


l Face Fillet– You can fillet by selecting faces. You also can blend non-adjacent faces with a fillet face

Face – You have to select face set.

Radius – Input fillet radius.

Conic Fillet – You can create blending area with different radius to each face. This option is available in the Variable Fillet and Face Fillet method.


Rho – This value determines the shape of blending area. You can input between 0 and 1. The higher value (near to 1) creates sharp blending shpe and the lower value (near to 0) creates flat blending shape.


Constant Curvature – If you use this option, you can create smoother fillet than standard fillet because there is no jump in curvature at the boundary.


Constant Width – If you check this option, the application creates constant width fillet face.

Hold Line – You can select a body edge or curve as a boundary that determines the face fillet shape that overfulls the hold line. The radius of the fillet is driven by the distance between the hold line and the edge to be filleted. The Asymmeytry option create symmetry hold line to the opposite fillet shape so if you want to create different hold line, check this option.

Help Point – Click a vertex on the edge. When creating a face fillet between two faces, it may not be clear where the face blend should occur. Use Help point to define the desired location. A fillet is created at the location closer to the Help point.

Trim and Merge Result – If you check this option, after filleting, the final result will be one body.


l Full Face Fillet– You can create fillets that are tangent to three adjacent faces.

Left – Select the left face.

Center – Select the center face.

Right – Select the right face which is opposite the Left face.


l Entities – Select edge(s) to fillet. If you select edge(s), the application shows each entities name.


l Tangent Propagation– If you check this option, the application extends to all edges that are tangent to the selected edge.


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