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A feature is either a line or a circle. A feature also has three states: unconnected, connected but not terminated, and connected and terminated. A feature can have a maximum of two connectors and/or terminators attached to it. When the second connection has been added to a feature, it will change colors and become trimmed.

Unconnected features are yellow. They are used either for constructing additional geometry or can be connected to other geometry to form a shape to be machined. Single features (one line or one circle, for example) that are yellow can be machined by the system without being connected to any other features or having any connection points.
Connected (but not trimmed) features are features that have only one connection to another feature. The feature will not be trimmed until a second connection is added or when it is terminated. Since this type of geometry has only one connection, it will still be yellow.
Connected and trimmed features are blue. They have been connected (or terminated) at both ends. Since they already have two connections on them, no additional features can be connected to them.

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