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Extrude Delta/Reference

Remove material by extruding on one or both sides, a closed sketch / composite curve, 3D face or face with tolerant edges, by a given value and direction.

Important: When using this function, material will be removed only from the current active object. (If only one object exists in the file it is automatically active unless manually deactivated.) See Activate / Deactivate and Activating Objects.


Required Step 1

Pick the entity to be extruded (pick a closed 2D composite curvesketch or face).


  • If you enter Extrude immediately after creating a closed 2D composite curve or sketch, the entity is automatically included in Step 1.
  • If you select a sketch that contains more than one closed curve sequence, all closed curve sequences will be extruded. In order for a sketch to be selected, however, it must contain only closed curve sequences.pe11


Required Step 2

Set the extrusion parameters and the direction. The following parameters are displayed:pe12

To extrude to both sides of the entity to be extruded, toggle One Side to Both Sides. The following parameters are displayed:pe13

See the parameter descriptions for the Delta/Reference option when adding or creating a new extrude.


Optional Step 1

If you want to add a draft angle to the extrusion, see Defining a Draft Angle.


Optional Step 2

Change the active object (temporarily).


Press exit when finished. Or, if this is the final result, press OK  or Apply  in the Feature Guide to complete the function.pe14

When completed, the Extrude feature will appear in the Feature Tree as follows:pe15

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