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Exporting Your Revit File to a CAD Format Revit mep

Sharing your project file with consultants not using Revit is equally as important as receiving their files. You can export your file to several different CAD formats to be used by your consultants. The most important thing to do in order to export your file is to establish the translation of model elements to CAD layers or levels. This is set up in the export options found on the
Application menu under the Export tool (see Figure 4.25).

Figure 4.24
Selected item within a linked
CAD file
When selecting one of the file format export settings, the dialog box that appears contains a list of all the Revit model categories and their subcategories. You can assign a CAD layer or level and a color to each category and subcategory depending on whether the elements are displayed
as cut or in projection. See Figure 4.26 for an example.
Figure 4.25
Export options


Figure 4.26Layer export settings
workInGwIth non-revIt fIles
Once you have provided a layer and color for the elements that you need to translate to CAD along with the other export options, you can save the settings for future use. See Chapter 2, “Creating an Effective Project Template,” for more information on establishing export settings.
With your export settings established, choose the appropriate CAD format from the Export tool on the Application menu. The Export CAD Formats dialog box provides you with options for selecting multiple sheets or views to export and the properties of the exported files.
Click the Next button after you have chosen the views or sheets to export, and a dialog box will appear to browse to the file export location. At this point, you can determine the software version to use for the export. If you are exporting a sheet view, you have the option to turn each view on the sheet into an external reference. If you are exporting a model view, selecting this
option will cause any linked files in the view to be exported as separate CAD files to be used as external references

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