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Entering values in Mastercam AutoCursor fields

Entering values in AutoCursor™ fields

In AutoCursor, you can enter values into the X, Y, and Z fields by placing your cursor in each field and typing in a value. If you enter a value and press either the Tab or Enter key, the value will be applied and the focus will move to the next field (from left to right). As soon as you press either [Tab] or [Enter] on the third field, the coordinates you entered are applied.

Once a value is entered into a field, the button for that field is locked in a down position, indicating a soft-locked state. For more information on locking fields, see Locking and unlocking fields.

In addition, you can use one of the following methods to enter values into these fields:

  • Use the X, Y, or Z keys as hot keys (keyboard shortcuts) to place your cursor in the field and type.
  • Click the drop down arrow to choose from a list of values previously entered into the ribbon bar. These values are available for the current Mastercam session only. The list will be cleared every time you shut Mastercam down.
  • Right-click inside the field to access a pop up menu from which you can choose from the following selections:
    For more information on the ribbon bar field pop up menus, see Data entry shortcuts.


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