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Emboss Sheet siemens NX

Use the Emboss Sheet command to modify a sheet body by adding faces of a solid body, as if the solid body was pressed into the sheet body.

Sheet metal models are embossed to:

  • Increase a metal panels stiffness and rigidity.

  • Increase the surface area for heat transfer or acoustic applications.

  • Improve traction.

  • Enhance the ability of a metal surface to disperse fluids efficiently.

  • Reduce friction and static.


You must position the tool bodies on the target sheet body such that they intersect the sheet body in the areas where the shapes of the tool bodies are to be transferred onto the sheet body.


Emboss Sheet feature

You can produce raised or sunken designs or relief on a sheet metal body to improve the performance characteristics of appliance panels, door panels, automotive trim, metal office furniture and so on.

Where do I find it?




FeatureCombine Drop-downEmboss Sheet


InsertCombineEmboss Sheet

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