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Efficient Lighting Design Revit mep

Let’s face it: Ceiling plans are one of the biggest coordination pain points for a design team.
Nearly every MEP discipline has some type of element that resides in the ceiling. Using intelligent lighting families will help you, the electrical designer, stake your claim to that precious real estate. Using 3D geometry to represent light fixtures means that you can detect interference with other model elements. This does not mean that your lighting fixture families will have to
be modeled to show every trim ring, reflector, tombstone, or lens. The basic geometry is usually enough to satisfy the requirements for model coordination.
The intelligence put into your families is what will benefit you the most from an electrical standpoint. Photometric data, manufacturer, model, voltage, and number of lamps are just a few examples of the types of properties that can reside in your fixture families. An in-depth look at creating lighting fixture families takes place later in chapter 20, “Creating Light Fixtures.”

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