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Editing Features

Edit enables you to alter dimensions of a selected feature or
• Edit:
– Edit a dimension directly.
– Select the Most Recently Used
– Use draggers.
– Drag section entities.
• Features are regenerated in real
• Child features regenerate in real

feature 2
Figure 2 – Dynamically Editing Depth
Editing Features

feature 1
Figure 1 – Editing a Model

feature 3
Figure 3 – Dynamically Editing
a Section
Edit is a menu selection available from the model tree or pop-up menu.
After selecting Edit, the dimensions of the selected features or components
display in the graphics window. You can also double-click a feature to open
Edit mode.
Using Edit, you can quickly change the dimensions of a selected feature
using one of the following methods:
• Edit the dimension directly – To edit a dimension directly, simply
double-click it and edit its value.
• Edit using the Most Recently Used option – When you edit a model’s
dimensions, you can also utilize the Most Recently Used option. When you
double-click a dimension, a drop-down list displays the most recent values
of the model. You can select a suitable value from this list.
The Most Recently Used option only displays recent values from
the current session. It does not display values used in previous
Creo Parametric sessions.
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• Use draggers – Drag the handles that display for rounds and chamfers,
pattern dimensions, or a feature’s depth or angle. You can also use
the dimension draggers that display over the arrow heads of certain
dimensions to dynamically edit that specific dimension.
• Drag section entities – You can drag a section’s entities to dynamically
update the geometry.
By default, features are regenerated in real time when they are edited.
Additionally, child features also regenerate in real time. Real-time
regeneration may be slow if dragging a parent feature in a large model.
If you edit a feature in such a way that it cannot successfully regenerate, a
caution icon displays next to your cursor and the geometry displays red. You
can simply undo the edit or edit the feature back to a successful status. Other
affected downstream features that do not successfully regenerate display
in blue.
Edit Right-Click Options
While in Edit mode, the following options are available in the pop-up menu
that appears when you right-click:
• Display Draggers – Enables you to toggle the display of drag handles on
and off.
• Display Dimensions – Enables you to toggle the display of dimensions on
and off. When dimensions are toggled off, you can still drag the feature’s
section entities.
• Display Sketch Dimensions – Enables you to toggle the display of the
section dimensions on and off. When section dimensions are toggled off,
you can still drag the section’s entities
• Auto Regenerate – Enables you to toggle the auto regenerate function on
and off. When auto regenerate is toggled off, all draggers are toggled off,
and you can only update dimensions directly or drag section entities. The
geometry is not dynamically updated, and you must manually regenerate
the mo

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