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Editing Features using Edit Definition

Edit Definition enables you to modify feature type, size, shape,
location, references, or options.
• Edit Definition using:
– The dashboard
♦ Preview Feature
♦ Pause Feature
♦ Resume Feature
– Drag handles
– Context-sensitive options
available by right-clicking

using edit 2
Figure 2 – Modifying a Feature’s
Editing Features using Edit Definition

using edit 1
Figure 1 – Modifying a Feature’s

using edit 3
Figure 3 – Modifying a Feature’s
Using Edit Definition, you can significantly change the model by redefining
the following aspects of a feature:
• Type – Change a protrusion into a cut, for example.
• Size – Make a feature larger or smaller.
• Shape – Change a round cut into a square cut, for example.
• Location – Move a cut from one reference to a different reference.
• References – Change the location of the feature or change the dimensional
• Options – Change the additional details of the feature, such as its depth.
When you finish editing the definition of a feature, the system automatically
regenerates the model for you to incorporate the changes you have just made.
In Edit Definition, you can modify the model by:
1. Editing with the dashboard – This is the graphical area in which you can
change a feature’s type, size, shape, and location.
2. Editing with drag handles – You can directly change features on a model
by manipulating the drag handle. Your changes display dynamically in
the graphics window.
3. Using the various context-sensitive options – Accessed by right-clicking
the dynamic preview or drag handles.
The set of icons along the right side of the dashboard perform the following
• Preview Feature
– Provides a preview of how the completed feature
or component will look in the graphics window.
• Pause Feature
– Pauses the current feature’s edit definition operation,
enabling you to perform other functions such as inserting datum features.
• Resume Feature
– Resumes a paused feature’s edit definition operation

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