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Editing a toolpath defaults file in mastercam

Editing a toolpath defaults file

Follow these steps to edit a toolpath defaults file. This is a file with a DEFAULTS extension that provides the initial values for new toolpath operations.
Typically, you will edit your toolpath defaults from the machine group properties, by following these steps. You can also save values to a defaults file while working on a toolpath or from the Control Definition Manager.
1. In the Toolpath Manager, click on the Files icon to open the Files tab of the Machine Group Properties dialog box.
2. Click the exclamation point button in the Operation Defaults section to open the Edit Operation Defaults dialog box:
3. If necessary, use the Browse button at the top of the dialog box to select a defaults file from a different folder.
4. Edit default values for each type of operation by clicking its Parameters icon.
 To add a new operation, right-click in the window and choose to create a new toolpath (as shown in the example below) or choose Import to import an operation from another defaults file.
Note: New operations will be created at the insertion point, just like in the Toolpath Manager.
 To delete an operation, click on it and press [Delete].
You can work on the operations list much like you can in the Toolpath Manager. This means that you can access many different display options from the right-click menu; select multiple operations; and drag-and-drop operations within the list.
5. The last defaults file that you worked on will be set as the active defaults file for the machine group.
Saving default values while creating an operation
Mastercam also lets you save values to the active defaults file while you are creating or editing an operation. This lets you try out and test values while actually working on a toolpath, and then save the current parameter values as defaults as soon as you get them right.
If you are working in a tabbed toolpath dialog box, select the Toolpath parameters tab. Right-click and choose Save parameters to defaults file.
If you are working in a tree-style dialog box, select the Save parameters to defaults file button in the toolbar.
You can do this while creating an operation, or editing an existing operation.


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