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Edit Pasted Revit Architecture

Immediately after you select a point for the location of the pasted content, you will fi nd a new panel in the ribbon called Edit Pasted (Figure 3.22). You can click Finish to complete the pasting action or start another command. If you are unsatisfi ed with the pasting action, select Cancel.

Edit Pasted 1
Figure 3.22
Additional actions
are available when
pasting elements.
If you select Edit Pasted Elements, a special mode will be started with the Edit Pasted tools appearing at the top left of the active window (Figure 3.23). In this mode, only the pasted elements are editable. You can use the Select All or Filter button to refi ne those elements within the pasted selection. When your edits are completed, click the Finish button.

Edit Pasted 2
Figure 3.23
Edit Pasted mode
allows additional
modifi cation of
pasted elements.

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