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Drive : Options and Results

Create a new solid or add to an existing solid by driving a 2D sketch along a spine. (To remove solid material, see Drive Remove.)

Important: Drives created by New > Drive will be considered independent objects. Those created by Add > Drive will be added to the active object. (If only one object exists in the file it is automatically active unless manually deactivated.) See Activate / Deactivate and Activating Objects.


Required Step 1

Select a closed 2D composite curve or sketch.


  • If you enter Drive immediately after creating a closed 2D composite curve or sketch, the entity is automatically included in Step 1.
  • If you select a sketch that contains more than one closed curve sequence, all closed curve sequences will be driven. In order for a sketch to be selected, however, it must contain only closed curve sequences.
  • cn2

Required Step 2

Select a composite curve and set drive parameters. The spine must be one curve (linespline, edge, etc). If needed you can join several curves / edges into one by using the Composite Curve function.


There are two options for setting the section orientation:




Optional Step 1

Pick a constraint plane to constrain the section, if required.



Optional Step 2

Change the active object (temporarily).


When you have completed the steps, press OK  or Apply  in the Feature Guide to complete the function.

When completed, the Drive feature will appear in the Feature Tree as follows:

For Solid > Add > Drive:cn4 For Solid > New > Drive:cn5

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