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Drive command in cimatron

You can edit:

Note: If your changes result in a geometric impossibility, or cause problems in subsequent features, you will be warned by the Conflict Solver.


Editing the Drive by the Feature Guide

Right-click on the Drive name in the Feature Tree, or select one drive face and then right-click. In the popup menu that appears, selectEdit Feature.

The Feature Guide will appear, automatically open to Required Step 2. You now return to the same situation in which you created the Drive.

Make modifications in the current step, and / or click the button for other steps to modify. Press OK  or Apply  in the Feature Guide to complete the function.


Editing the Drive Sketch / Composite Curve

In the Feature Tree, right-click the curve or sketch listed under the Drive feature. In the popup submenu, select Edit Feature. Or you can right-click on the Drive feature or its name and select Edit Sketch / Composite.


You will enter the function by which the curve or sketch was created. When you are finished, upon exiting the function the Drive feature will be updated.


Editing the Numerical Parameters Only

If you want to modify only the numerical parameters, either double-click the Drive name in the Feature Tree or double-click a Drive face in the display.

The sketch dimensions are displayed. Press exit to leave edit mode, or click a value to open the Edit Parameters dialog. In this dialog you can enter another value, or enter an equation involving parametric dependency.

When the parameters are updated, click  to update the feature, or you can update it later. (If you do not update now, all updates will be done automatically the next time you create or edit any feature or object.) Exit to leave edit mode.

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