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Drawing the Stove Burners

The next step is to draw the circles that represent the burners. As with the last
exercise, you don’t have to be overly concerned about size at this point. Instead,focus on getting the geometry correct first, and then you’ll come back to further constrain the stove with dimensional constraints.
1. Make sure I05-13-AutoConstrain.dwg (M05-13-AutoConstrain.dwg)
is open.

2. Click the down arrow next to the Circle tool, found on the Home tab ➢
Draw panel, and look at the flyout menu, as shown in Figure 5.47.

Drawing the Stove Burners 1
F igu re 5 . 4 7 : The Circle command’s flyout menu
You have six options for constructing a circle:
▶▶ The first two (Center, Radius; and Center, Diameter) require
you to specify a point as the center of the circle and to enter a
radius or a diameter.
▶▶ You use the next two (2-Point and 3-Point) when you know two
or three points that the circle must intersect.
▶▶ The last two options (Tan, Tan, Radius; and Tan, Tan, Tan) use
tangents and a radius, or just tangents, respectively, to form a
Notice that each circle construction method has a unique icon on
the left side of the flyout menu. Whichever method was used last
becomes the default method when you click the Circle button, and its
icon appears on the button.
3. Choose the Center, Radius option from the flyout menu.
4. The command prompt changes from Specify center point for
circle or: to Base point:. Draw four circles as shown in Figure 5.48

Drawing the Stove Burners 2

F igu re 5 . 4 8 : Rough schematic representation of the stove
5. Save your file as I05-14-StoveBurners.dwg (M05-14-StoveBurners.dwg).
Once again, your intent at this point is to develop a solid geometric
representation of the stove. Before you apply dimensional constraints,
I’ll show you how to add some geometric constraints

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