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Drawing the Stove and Refrigerator

The stove and refrigerator are simple rectangles. Here you will use the
Temporary Tracking Point osnap to locate the first corner of each shape:
1. Make sure I05-11-KitchenCounter.dwg (M05-11-KitchenCounter
.dwg) is open.
2. To begin drawing the refrigerator, click the Rectangle button on the
Home tab ➢ Draw panel, or enter REC↵ at the command line

3. Verify that Object Snap, Object Snap Tracking, and Dynamic Input
are still enabled on the status bar.
4. Place your cursor near the upper end of the right side of the counter,
letting the running Endpoint osnap establish an object snap tracking
5. Move your cursor down, and enter 2↵ (51↵), as shown in Figure 5.42.

Drawing the Stove and Refrigerator 1
F igu re 5 . 4 2 : Locating the first corner of the rectangle
This starts the rectangle 2″ (51 mm) from the back wall, along the
side of the counter.
6. To specify the opposite corner of the rectangle, enter
The Rectangle (RECTANG) command ends, and the refrigerator is
drawn at the end of the counter that is running along the back wall.
Next you’ll use a similar process to draw a basic outline of the stove.
7. Right-click and choose Repeat RECTANG from the context menu
that opens.
8. Use the technique from step 4, but pick the lower end of the left side
of the counter as the tracking point.
9. Hold the cursor directly above that point, and enter 1′5″↵ or 17↵
(432↵). Then enter 26,27↵ (660,686↵) to complete the rectangle.
10. Use the TRIM command to trim away the front edge of the counter
that passes through the stove.
Your kitchen should look like Figure 5.43

Drawing the Stove and Refrigerator 2

F igu re 5 . 4 3 : The stove and refrigerator made with rectangles
11. Save your file as I05-12-Refrigerator.dwg (M05-12-

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