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Drawing the Roof

You’ve seen that the Layer drop-down list is a shortcut that allows you to pick a different layer quickly as the current layer and to turn off or turn on individual
layers. You’ve also learned how to use the Layer Properties Manager to create new layers or to turn off many layers at a time. Next, you’ll learn about another tool for changing the current layer as you draw the rooflines.

Before you start to draw the rooflines, refer to Figure 6.39 and note the lines
representing different parts of the roof:
▶▶ Eight eaves lines around the perimeter of the building, representing
the lowest edge of the roof
▶▶ One ridgeline, representing the peak of the roof

Drawing the Roof
F igu re 6 . 3 9 : The floor plan with the rooflines
The roof for the cabin is called a double-pitched roof because the panels slope
down to the eaves on only two sides. You’ll start by drawing the eaves.

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