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Drawing the Ridgeline Autocad

To finish the roof, you’ll draw a single line to represent the peak of the roof that extends from the front of the cabin to the back. Because of the pop-out, the roof is not symmetrical, so the ridgeline will be centered on the two longest vertical sections.
Look at the Linetype drop-down list on the Properties panel (see Figure 6.47).
A dashed line with the name ByLayer appears there. ByLayer tells you that the current linetype will be whatever linetype has been assigned to the current
layer. In the case of the A-ROOF layer, the assigned linetype is Dashed. (You’ll read more about ByLayer later in this chapter.)

Drawing the Ridgeline 1
F igu re 6 . 4 7 : The Linetype drop-down list
To draw the ridgeline, follow these steps:
1. Continue using I06-12-LinetypeScale.dwg (M06-12-
LinetypeScale.dwg) or open it if it’s not already open.
2. Start the LINE command, and activate the Midpoint object snap.
3. Start the line from the midpoint of the right vertical roofline.
4. Start the Perpendicular osnap, and then click the vertical roofline on
the opposite side of the cabin.
5. Terminate the LINE command.
Your cabin should look like Figure 6.48.

Drawing the Ridgeline 2
F igu re 6 . 4 8 : The completed roof
6. Save this drawing as I06-13-Ridgeline.dwg (M06-13-Ridgeline.dwg).

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