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Drawing the Hot Tub

What is a cabin without a hot tub in which to relax? You’ll complete the cabin
fixtures by using a polyline to draw the outside perimeter of the hot tub, offsetting this polyline to the inside, and then filleting the appropriate corners. Here’s how it’s done:
1. Make sure I05-20-BathroomToilet.dwg (M05-20-BathroomToilet
.dwg) is open, and verify that the Polar Tracking button is still turned
on in the status bar.
2. Start the Polyline (PLINE) command, and click the bottom-left inside
corner of the pop-out to the right of the bathroom, as shown in
Figure 5.70.

Drawing the Hot Tub 1
F igu re 5 . 7 0 : Starting the hot tub polyline
3. Click the endpoint to the right, on the opposite end of the pop-out.
4. Move the cursor directly above the last point, and enter 4′5-5/8″↵
(1362↵) to draw the first vertical line. Refer to Figure 5.59 for the
dimensions of the hot tub.
Earlier in this chapter, you set the Polar Tracking Increment Angle
value to 45.00 in the Drafting Settings dialog box. This setting lets
you easily place the cursor at 45º increments from a set point rather
than at the 90º increments provided by using Ortho mode.
5. Place the cursor above and to the left of the current last point, until
the Polar Snap tooltip reads 135º. Then enter 3′6-7/8″↵ (1089↵) to
draw the diagonal line (see Figure 5.71)

Drawing the Hot Tub 2

F igu re 5 . 7 1 : Use Polar Tracking and direct input to draw the diagonal line.
6. Use the Perpendicular osnap to draw the top horizontal line from the
last point to the outside of the bathroom wall.
7. Finally, select Close or enter C↵ at the command line to close the
polyline and end the Polyline (PLINE) command.
8. Use the OFFSET command to offset the polyline 4″ (102 mm) to the
9. Start the FILLET command, and set the Radius value to 3″ (76).
10. Then fillet the two outside corners that project into the cabin (see
Figure 5.72).
Fillet these two corners.

Drawing the Hot Tub 3
F igu re 5 . 7 2 : Fillet the two corners that extend into the cabin

11. Stop and then restart the FILLET command, but this time choose the
Polyline option.
12. Click the inside polyline to fillet all the corners at one time.
13. Zoom to the drawing’s extents. Your cabin should look like Figure 5.73.

Drawing the Hot Tub 4
F igu re 5 . 7 3 : The completed floor plan zoomed to fill the screen
14. Save your drawing as I05A-FPLAYO.dwg (M05A-FPLAYO.dwg).

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