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Drawing the Door Swing

The swing shows the path that the outer edge of a door takes when it swings
from closed to fully open. Including a swing with the door in a floor plan helps
to identify the rectangle as a door and helps to resolve clearance issues. You
draw the swings by using the ARC command—in this case, using the Endpoint
osnap. This command has many options, most of which are based on knowing
three aspects of the arc, as you’ll see. Here are the steps:
1. Continue using I04-13-RotateDoor.dwg (M04-13-RotateDoor.dwg),
or open it if it’s not already open.
2. Click the down arrow below the Arc button on the Home tab ➢ Draw
The menu expands to show the 11 methods for creating an arc. On
the menu, 10 of the 11 options have combinations of three aspects
that define an arc. The arc for this door swing needs to be drawn
from the right end of the upper jamb line through a rotation of 90º.
You know the start point of the arc, the center of rotation (the hinge
point), and the angle through which the rotation occurs, so you can
use the Start, Center, Angle option on the Arc menu.

3. From the expanded Arc menu, choose Start, Center, Angle, as shown
in Figure 4.46.

Drawing the Door Swing 1
F igu re 4 . 4 6 : The expanded Arc menu
The command prompt now reads Specify start point of arc:;
this is the default option. You could also start with the center point, but
you would have to type C↵ before picking a point to be the center point.
4. Activate the Endpoint osnap (type END↵), and pick the right endpoint
of the upper jamb line, as shown in Figure 4.47

Drawing the Door Swing 2

F igu re 4 . 4 7 : Specifying the start point for the ARC command
The prompt changes to read Specify second point of arc:.
Because you previously chose the Start, Center, Angle option,
AutoCAD automatically chooses Center for you as the second point.
That is the last part of the prompt. You’ll need the Endpoint osnap
again, but this time you will pick it from a menu.
5. Hold down the Shift key, and right-click in the drawing area to open
a context menu containing all the available osnaps.
6. Click the Endpoint option, as shown in Figure 4.48, to activate the
Endpoint osnap.

Drawing the Door Swing 3
F igu re 4 . 4 8 : Select the Endpoint osnap from the Object Snap context menu

7. Using the Endpoint osnap, select the hinge point.
The arc is now visible, and its endpoint follows the cursor’s movement,
but the arc is extending in the wrong direction (see the top
image in Figure 4.49). The prompt displays the Specify Included
Angle option.

Drawing the Door Swing 4
F igu re 4 . 4 9 : Drawing the arc: The ending point of the arc follows the
cursor’s movements (top), and the completed arc (bottom).
8. Type -90↵. The arc is completed, and the ARC command ends (see the
bottom image in Figure 4.49).
9. Save your drawing as I04-14-DoorSwing.dwg (M04-14-DoorSwing.dwg).

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