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Drawing the Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are generally shown with each door in a half-open position to indicate their distinctive design. Although there are four door panels on the cabin’s closet door, you will need to draw only one, rotate it into place, and then create copies with the MIRROR command. To begin the exercise, you will use the PAN command to shift the view of your drawing to see the closet area without changing the zoom factor. Follow these steps:
1. Continue using I04-18-SlidingGlassDoor.dwg (M04-18-
SlidingGlassDoor.dwg), or open it if it’s not already open.
2. Start the PAN command from the View tab ➢ Navigate 2D panel, click
the Pan button, or type P↵ at the command line. The cursor changes
appearance to look like an open hand.
3. Place the cursor near the upper jamb of the sliding glass door, and
then click and drag the mouse downward until the drawing area
shifts to display the closet area (see Figure 4.72).

Drawing the Bifold Doors 1
F igu re 4 . 7 2 : Pan the view to show the closet area.
4. Press the Esc key to end the PAN command, or right-click and choose
Exit from the context menu.
The closet opening is 4′ (1220 mm) wide, so you will need to make
four door panels, each 1′ (305 mm) wide.
5. Start the Rectangle (RECTANG) command and specify the lower corner
of the right closet jamb as the first corner point. The running
Endpoint osnap ensures that the corner point is selected precisely.
6. Type -1,-12↵ (-25,-305↵) to create a rectangle 1″ (25 mm) wide
and 12″ (305 mm) long oriented toward the bottom of the cabin, as
shown in Figure 4.73.

Drawing the Bifold Doors 2
F igu re 4 . 7 3 : The first closet door panel is drawn.

7. Type -45↵. The door rotates 45º (see Figure 4.74), and the ROTATE
command ends.

Drawing the Bifold Doors 3
F igu re 4 . 7 4 : The first closet door panel is rotated.

8. Start the MIRROR command from the Home tab ➢ Modify panel, and
then select the closet door panel.
9. Verify that Ortho mode is still turned on in the status bar. If it’s not,
click the Ortho Mode button or press the F8 shortcut key to turn on
Ortho mode.
10. At the Specify first point of mirror line: prompt, click the farleft
corner point of the selected panel.
11. Move the cursor either up or down until you see the mirror door
panel directly to the left of the first panel (see Figure 4.75); then click
to specify the second point of the mirror line.

Drawing the Bifold Doors 4
F igu re 4 . 7 5 : Mirroring the first closet door panel
12. Press ↵ to accept the default No option when prompted to erase the
source object.
13. Start the MIRROR command again, and this time select both of the
door panels.
14. Choose the midpoint of the back wall of the closet as the first point of
the mirror line.
15. Then move the cursor downward to mirror the existing panels
directly to the left, as shown in Figure 4.76.

Drawing the Bifold Doors 5

F igu re 4 . 7 6 : The closet door is complete.
16. Click to set the second point, and then press ↵ to retain the source
17. Click the Zoom Extents button to see the full floor plan with all doors
(see Figure 4.77).

Drawing the Bifold Doors 6
F igu re 4 . 7 7 : The cabin with the walls and doors completed
18. Save this drawing as I04A-FPLAYO.dwg (M04A-FPLAYO.dwg


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