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Drawing Furniture for the Cabin

Once you put some furniture in the cabin, you’ll quickly see how small it is!
But it can still accept some basic furniture without seeming too cramped. You
should be able to add the following:
▶▶ Kitchen—a table and chairs
▶▶ Living room—a short couch or love seat, coffee table, easy chair, and
a fireplace
▶▶ Bedroom—a double bed, chest, and nightstand
Use a tape measure and go around your office or home to determine the
approximate dimensions of each piece. The goal here is not so much to ensure
accuracy of scale but to practice drawing in AutoCAD. Figure 5.74 shows the
floor plan with these pieces of furniture. If you draw the bed shown here, try
using the Spline tool for the curved, turned-down sheets. It’s on the expanded
Draw panel. You’ll see how it works after a little experimentation.

Drawing Furniture for the Cabin

F igu re 5 . 7 4 : The floor plan with furniture

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