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Drawing a Shower Unit

You’ll start the shower unit with a rectangle and then trim away one corner. As
you start this exercise, check the status bar. The Polar Tracking, Object Snap,
and Object Snap Tracking buttons should be in their On positions. The rest of
the buttons should be off. Follow these steps:
1. Make sure I05-17-KitchenSink.dwg (M05-17-KitchenSink.dwg) is open.
2. Verify that Polar Tracking, Object Snap, and Object Snap Tracking are
turned on. The remaining drawing modes should be turned off.
3. If Infer Geometric Constraints is currently on, turn it off by clicking
the Constraint Settings, Geometric button on the Geometric panel
of the Parametric Ribbon, and then unchecking the Infer Geometric
Constraints option.
4. Enter Z↵E↵ or click the Zoom Extents button to zoom to the drawing’s
extents. Then use the zoom window or the scroll wheel to view
the bathroom close-up.
5. Start the Rectangle (RECTANG) command and use the following settings:
a. For the first point, move the cursor to the lower-right inside
corner of the room. As soon as the Endpoint osnap marker
appears on the endpoint to which you want to snap, click. This
places the first corner of the rectangle at the endpoint.
b. For the second point, enter -40,40↵ (-1016,1016↵).
6. Start the CHAMFER command from the Home tab ➢ Modify panel. If
the Chamfer tool isn’t visible on the Ribbon, click the down arrow
next to the Fillet tool, as shown in Figure 5.61.

Drawing a Shower Unit 1
F igu re 5 . 6 1 : Starting the CHAMFER command from the Modify Ribbon

7. From the Select first line or [Undo/Polyline/Distance/
Angle/Trim/mEthod/Multiple]: prompt, enter D↵, or select
Distance to set a chamfer distance.
8. Enter 1′-8″ (508 mm) for the first and second chamfer distances.
9. Select the vertical shower edge as the first chamfer line and the horizontal
shower edge as the second chamfer edge (see Figure 5.62).

Drawing a Shower Unit 2
F igu re 5 . 6 2 : Chamfering the shower edges
As you hover over the second line, a preview of the resulting chamfer
is displayed, similar to the display for the FILLET command. This
allows you to confirm the chamfer distance values before completing
the command.
10. Offset the shower polyline inward 1.5″ (38 mm), as shown in
Figure 5.63.

Drawing a Shower Unit 3

F ig u re 5 . 6 3 : The offset shower polyline
11. Save your file as I05-18-Shower.dwg (M05-18-Shower.dwg).
Next, you’ll draw the sink to the right of the shower.

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