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Drawing a Parking Lot

Figure 5.77 shows a parking lot partially bordered by sidewalks and streets.

Drawing a Parking Lot
F igu re 5 . 7 7 : A parking lot

You’ll get a lot of practice using the OFFSET and FILLET commands while completing
this drawing. Guidelines will help you, so don’t be afraid to use them.
Note the tip at the end of this section. Here’s a summary of the steps:
1. Set Linear and Angular units to Decimal, each with a precision of 0.0.
2. Set the Insertion Scale to Feet. Assume that 1 linear decimal unit
equals 1″.
3. Set Polar Tracking to 90º, and turn it on.
4. Set the Endpoint and Midpoint osnaps to be running.
5. Set Snap to 10, Grid to 0, and Drawing Limits to 400, 250.
6. Zoom All.
7. Use Grid and Snap to draw the large 260′ × 170′ rectangle by using
the LINE command and relative Cartesian coordinates, as you did in
Chapter 3.
8. Turn off Grid and Snap.
9. Offset three of the lines 6′ to the outside to make the sidewalk.
10. On two sides, offset the outer sidewalk line 4′ to the outside to make
the curb.
11. Offset the curb lines 30′ and 40′ to make the street.
12. Draw extra lines to make the street intersection.

13. Fillet and trim lines to create the curved corners of the intersection
and sidewalks.
14. Offset the lines of the inner rectangle to the inside to make guidelines
for the parking strips and islands.
15. Use FILLET and TRIM to finish the drawing.
16. If you choose to save this drawing, name it I05-ParkingLot.dwg

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