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Dividing One Object by Multiple Objects


  • You can also use this function to divide individual faces, because they are treated as open solid objects. See Dividing One Face by Multiple Objects.
  • You can also divide an object by faces of other objects. See Dividing One Object by Faces of Objects.

The part shown below consists of three individual solid objects.pk16

Required Step 1

Pick one object (open or closed) to be divided. In this case, pick the magenta object. Note that this object is a uniform prism, despite the presence of the blue objects. Press exit when the object is selected.pk17

Required Step 2

Set the Divide > By Object parameters as required and pick one or more solid objects as the dividing entities, in this case the two blue solids. Press exit when the objects are selected.


Press OK  or Apply  in the Feature Guide to complete the function.

Note the resultant shape of the magenta object; it is no longer prismatic. To further demonstrate the results of this function, movethe blue objects. The magenta object has been divided into two individual solids. (The green sections of the object are considered to be one solid.)

pk19 pk20

When completed, the Divide appears in the Feature Tree as follows:pk15

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