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Dividing One Face by Multiple Objects

Note: If you want to divide one or more faces that are part of open or closed solid objects, you can use the Faces > Split function. TheDivide function treats each individual face as an open object, therefore the interaction is the same as Dividing One Object by Multiple Objects.

The part shown below consists of two individual solids and one face. The face is a blend surface between two splines.pb1

No material is “removed” from the face, despite the presence of the solids. This can be demonstrated by moving the solids.pb2


Required Step 1

Pick the face to be divided. Press exit when the face is selected.pb3

Required Step 2

Set the Divide > By Object parameters as required and pick the dividing entities, in this case the blue and yellow objects. Press exit when the objects are selected.


Press OK  or Apply  in the Feature Guide to complete the function.

If the blue and yellow objects are moved, you can see that the face is now divided into two individual faces. (The green sections of the face are considered to be one face.)pb5

When completed, the Divide appears in the Feature Tree as follows:pk15

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