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Determining Which views Are Grouped Together Revit mep

Every view within a project belongs to a design discipline. The discipline property of a view is the most common property used for the first level of grouping. Revit MEP uses only two disciplines for MEP engineering: Mechanical and Electrical. Although the architectural and structural model components display in a sort of wireframe, the objects are still in front of the object you are trying to select, and you will still need to hide them or change the view mode in order to select anything. The disciplines Architectural and Structural display the model differently and are generally used when you want to view linked files as originally intended, while the Coordination discipline is great for viewing all disciplines together.
The Sub-Discipline parameter can be used as the second level of grouping to further distinguish views used for fire protection, plumbing, or other types of engineering systems. This parameter exists in the default templates that can be installed with Revit MEP 2012. If you choose to create a template or project without starting with one of the default templates, you will have to create a parameter for this type of use.
Using a Sub-Discipline type parameter makes it possible to separate views into their specific engineering systems. You can have all your electrical views listed under the Electrical discipline, but that may make it difficult to find views you want quickly. Having a second-level grouping that puts all the lighting, power, communications, and other systems views in their own group
will create a more organized environment in the Project Browser.
The Family And Type property of a view is another commonly used level of grouping. This is what defines your views as plan views, sections, elevations, 3D views, or ceiling plans. When you begin to annotate your views in order to place them on construction documents, it is important to place the annotation in the views that will be used on your sheets, so being able to locate
the proper view for annotation easily is important. Each grouping option can be set to utilize all the characters of the parameter value or only a specific number of leading characters

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