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Before you analyze the building performance, you are given the opportunity to go through your created zones and spaces to make sure your desired settings have not been compromised and to make sure there are no warnings that would produce undesired effects on your loads. Switching to the Details tab, you can view the space and zone data that directly affects the heating and
cooling analysis, as shown in Figure 8.15.

Figure 8.15
Building Model
After selecting a zone, you are able to expand the tree to view the associated spaces and verify or modify the zone service type, heating, cooling, and outdoor air information as needed.
You can see whether a space is Occupied, Unoccupied, or is a Plenum Space by the symbol preceding the space name in the tree.
If a space is selected, you can set the space and construction type as well as internal load information. If, when expanding a zone, a warning symbol appears alongside a space, you can investigate by clicking the Show Related Warnings symbol and then can correct or ignore the cause of the warning (see Figure 8.16).

The space warning shown in Figure 8.16 suggests that a space exists without an upper bounding element. Click the Save Settings button, and you will be directed back to your model.
Locate the space in question, and verify that the upper limit of the space is correct through the space Properties palette. You can also inspect the space visually by creating a section view through the space and verifying that the upper limit extends past a bounding element in the linked model.
Opening the Heating And Cooling Loads window and selecting Analytical Surfaces allows you to view and isolate the physical elements that bound the spaces to be analyzed. You can isolate every individual bounding element that has been defined for the space—roofs, exterior and interior walls, ceilings, floors, and any air gaps or sliver spaces—and view them for any modeling errors before the simulation is performed

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