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DeskCNC- Set up & Operating manual

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hình minh họa

DeskCNC Software DeskCNC is a Windows based CAM/CNC solution for creating toolpaths, copying existing models, and running CNC machines. DeskCNC can create toolpaths from DXF, STL, Gerber, Excellon, and Image file formats as well as Digitize existing part geometry (requires optional Probe or Laser Scanner). DeskCNC can smoothly run any CNC machine from within Windows. It includes a full G-code interpreter/editor and runs in any version of Windows 95/98/Me/Nt/2000/XP. The CNC Teknix DeskCNC Controller handles all linear and circular interpolation and times the output pulses with a resolution of 800 nanoseconds directly from Windows. It accepts a 24 bit (+- 8 million steps) absolute position and determines the ramp up, slew, and ramp down velocities based on a linear acceleration ramp profile. Continuous Motion Contouring is available for smooth cutting. It outputs standard +5v logic high and 0v logic low step/direction/output signals. The controller can be commanded to turn on four auxiliary relays (not included) if desired. It accepts Home switches, a limit switch, a Digitizing Probe, and an Emergency Stop switch. It is capable of providing a step pulse rate between 40 – 40,000 Steps per Second.




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