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Deleting Features siemens NX

If a feature that you select for deletion using Edit→ Delete→ has dependents, they are listed with their parent feature. If you do not want dependents listed with their parents, turn List Dependents off. (Doing so can noticeably improve performance time if the selected features have a lot of dependents.)

Selecting Features to Delete using Class Selection

Add Dependent Features

Lets you choose whether to show child features with their parents in the Selected Features list box.

list box

Shows the features in the target body that are available for selection.


Instance features that belong to a group are not deleted when the group is deleted.


To control the deletion of child features you can set the Delete Child Features customer default to off (found under Modeling, General, Delete and Suppress), disabling automatic deletion of child features when the parent feature is deleted. Then, with the List Dependents toggle off, the Edit During Update dialog (EDU) displays for child features during the delete process, allowing you to delete, suppress or edit each one. After the parent feature is deleted, you can edit its former child features to no longer reference it. (See Delayed Delete under the Edit During Update option for further details.)


If the dependent is a freeform feature, it will be converted into an unparameterized feature when its parent feature is deleted. You can define the environment variable UGII_DUMBIFY_FEATURE = 0 to let the child freeform feature be deleted along with its parent.

If a feature selected for deletion is the parent of linked geometry in another part, a Notification message asks you to OK or Cancel the operation. The message also has an Information option if you need more details about the links that will be broken. See the Assemblies Help for more information about WAVE and interpart links.

If you mistakenly delete a feature, you can use the Undo function to recover it.

Where Do I Find It?

Edit→ Delete

Edit→ Feature→ Playback→ Delete

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