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Defining the machining knowledge siemens NX

Feature-based machining requires well defined machining knowledge to provide the instructions for manufacturing features. Machining knowledge can be based on:

  • A machining knowledge library.

  • Knowledge Fusion (KF).

  • A machining knowledge library integrated with KF.

You can achieve the same end results with the knowledge library whether or not it is integrated with KF.

Machining knowledge library

When the machining knowledge is based on a machining knowledge library, the processes are first defined based on library rules, and then like processes are grouped together. You can use the supplied machining knowledge, modify what is supplied, or define your company’s own best practices.

Each feature type in the standard machining knowledge library supplied has predefined machining knowledge. This knowledge is applied to find the best solution for your machining task.

Knowledge Fusion

When the machining knowledge is based on KF, the features are first grouped, and then processes are created. Feature subtypes contain the classification criteria.

Machining knowledge library integrated with KF

When the machining knowledge is based on a machining knowledge library integrated with KF, you can specify how much the machining knowledge is to rely on KF.


You can specify a tool query in a KF enabled operation, and define rules for alternate tools in the knowledge library. The operation is created with the default template tools, and alternate tools are recommended based on the library rules.

Standard content for Feature-based machining

With Feature-based machining, you get:

  • A standard machining content kit with rule libraries containing:

    • Best practice machining rules that define the operation types and tools required to machine features. The machining rules apply to all recognized feature types and use the tool types from the NX library.

    • Examples of feature mapping rules.

  • The Machining Knowledge Editor to help you modify the rule libraries. You can:

    • Configure optional settings and threshold values.

    • Create new rules or rule libraries.

  • Templates for automated Feature-based Holemaking and Milling that can be customized through open architecture to add operations. Advanced users with a KF license can adopt these operations into Knowledge Fusion and add rules to the operation parameters.

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