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Defining and editing main post processors siemens NX

The dialog box to define and edit a post processor shows the name of the currently open post processor in its title bar.

The following main tabs are available:

Machine Tool

Lets you display a generic view of the machine tool, set basic kinematic parameters of the machine tool, and set or modify some basic controller capabilities, such as whether to output circular records.

Program & Tool Path

Lets you add code blocks and words, set the format and sequencing for controller words, managed linked posts, and more.

N/C Data Definitions

Lets you modify blocks, words, formats, and word formats; attach user defined event files; and inherit user defined events from other posts.

Output settings

Lets you manage listing file output and listing file content, attach units-only subposts, and more.

Virtual N/C Controller

Lets you configure a virtual numeric controller. Output is compatible only with the Tcl-based machine tool driver, or MTD.


Where do I find it?


Post Builder


NX/Post BuilderOpen


NX/Post BuilderFileOpen

NX/Post BuilderFileRecently Opened Posts

Create New Post Processor dialog box


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