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Default Type and MDD Parts gibbscam

Default settings and prepared tool lists may be automatically applied when creating a new part. This includes information such as tools, processes, operations, geometry and custom stock. This capability works for Machine Types and MDD’s.

To enable Defaults for machine types or MDD’s create a new part with the desired machine type or MDD with the tools, stock and other settings and choose File > Save as Default > Type Default Part or MDD Default Part. You can override these defaults by resaving the default type or MDD. Once a default is created, each time a new file is created it will have the very same data as the default file.

Switching Between Defaults

The default settings are determined by the current MDD selection in the Document Control dialog. Close any open part files and choose a machine type from the MDD list and create a new part to apply the defaults for a different MDD.

Default Parts

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