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Default Options – Plot – Color Chart solidworks simulation

Sets the parameters that control the look of the plot legend.

To display the dialog box, click Simulation > Options. On the Default Options tab, expand Plot and click Color Chart.

Display color charts Turns the display of the plot legend on/off.
Display plot details If checked, displays the model name, study name, plot type, and the deformation scale of a plot.


Predefined positions Sets the position of the chart to a predefined position.
User defined Sets the relative location of the upper left corner of the color bar.

Horizontal from left

Specifies the horizontal distance from the left of the graphics area as a percentage of the width of the window.

Vertical from top

Specifies the vertical distance from the top of the graphics area as a percentage of the height of the window.


Controls the thickness of the chart, Wide, Normal, or Thin.

Number format

These options control the format of the legend values.

Scientific Examples: 1.234e+01 for 12.34 and -1.234e-02 for -0.01234.
Floating Regular decimal format.
General Program may mix scientific and floating formats based on actual results.
No. of decimal places Maximum allowable number of decimal places is 16.
Use different number format for small numbers (0.001 < |x| < 1000) Displays chart numbers in the given range in floating or general format when Number format is scientific.
Use 1000 separator (,) Displays chart numbers with 1000 comma separator when Number format is floating or general.

Color options

Default Uses the default color map in the plot.
Rainbow Uses the rainbow color map in the plot.
Gray Scale Sets the gray scale gradient map. Use this option for black and white printers.
No. of chart colors Sets the number of the colors used in the chart (2 to 24).
Flip Reverses the color mapping.
User Defined Defines up to 9 base colors. To define a base color, click on its box and choose a new color from the color palette. If the number of base colors you select here is equal to the number of chart colors, then only the selected colors will be used. In other words, no shades or color interpolation.
Specify color for values above yield for von Mises plot If checked, you can select a color to display the values above the yield limit. The specified color is displayed on the color chart and the model.
Any changes to the above settings take effect for new plots only. They do not affect existing plots. To modify chart settings for an active plot, right-click the plot icon in the Results folder, and select Chart Options.

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