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Cutting One Object by One Face


  • If you are dividing with faces, you can only select one object to divide.
  • The dividing faces can also be part of open or closed objects. See Cutting an Object by Faces of Objects.
  • When dividing by more than one face, all selected faces must be part of a continuous object. Individual faces can be made continuous by using the Faces > Stitch function.

Required Step 1

Pick one object (open or closed) to be cut. In this case, pick the red object and exit .cmt29

Required Step 2

Set the Cut parameters as required and pick one face as the cutting entity, in this case the yellow face. (You can use the Selection Filterto enable you to select faces).cmt30

A blue arrow appears on the face. The arrow direction indicates the side that will be cut. You can flip the direction by clicking the arrow.cmt31

Click the As Plane/As Object toggle button to cut the object along the plane or till the object as shown below:cmt32 cmt33

Press OK  or Apply  in the Feature Guide to complete the function.

When completed, the Cut appears in the Feature Tree as follows:cmt28

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