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Cutting gibbscam

The cutting options section allow you to control the quality and responsiveness of Machine Sim. Please note that the Machine Sim preferences are stored with the part. This means that if you change the preferences but open a part that has an older set of preferences, it will override the changes you have made.

Steps Per Update

Steps per Update specifies the maximum number of CPR features to render before updating the display. Large numbers will increase the rendering speed but will result in a rougher rendering animation. With large numbers the tool may appear to jump ahead of rendering, which will suddenly snap to the tool. This may be jerky, but can be rather fast. A low number provides a smooth animation, but may be slow.

Cut Part Chord Height

This setting is the resolution for the cut part displayed in Flash CPR. The smaller the value, the higher quality of the display and the more resources needed by the system, resulting in a slower rendering. There are separate settings for inch and metric parts. The separate values can only be set from within a part of that unit type.


Body Chord Height

This option determines the resolution of bodies (part, stock and fixtures) in Machine Sim. There are two ways this can be set, either by the Chord Height option (which is setting a specific value), or by the % of Body’s Chord Height option. This second option uses the value set from the Properties dialog, (accessed by right-clicking on a body.) A setting of 100% will use the body’s Chord Height while a setting of 10% is 1/10th of the body’s Chord Height while 1,000% is 10 times the body chord height. Any percentage between 1 and 100,000 is acceptable. As the percentage is set higher the body will appear rougher but the display will be faster and lower percentages mean higher quality but slower response. Note that this setting only affects on-screen display, not the actual machining.


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