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Customizing operation dialog boxes siemens NX

In the Manufacturing application, you can customize the dialog boxes for operations, tools, geometry, machining methods, and programs.

Customizing dialog boxes helps you to do the following:

  • Create operations and parent groups that meet specific needs at your installation.

    You can make the customized dialog box a template. When you create an operation or parent group from the template, NX copies the dialog box options and layout.

  • Control how tools appear when they are retrieved from the library.


    Customize the tool dialog boxes in the library_dialogs.prt template part file.

    The inch and metric versions are in the UGII_CAM_BASE_DIR\resource\template_part\english and UGII_CAM_BASE_DIR\resource\template_part\metric folders.

After you customize a dialog box, use the Customize from command to transfer the settings from one object to another.

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