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Curve Pattern option in Rapidform XOR

Curve Patterncommand allows you to create patterns based on a curve.


How to use Curve Pattern command

Click image47_1017button on the toolbar, or click Insert >Modeling Feature > Curve Pattern.


Select a body for Object To Pattern and curve for Driven Curve. Set instance to 6 and check Equal Spacing.


Click OK button.




Bodies – You can select a body to pattern.

Path Curve – You need to select a curve to pattern along a curve.


No. Of Instances – This is total number of to-be-created object.

Distance – You have to specify distance between objects. If you want to set negative direction, click Flip button or click yellow arrow in the model view.


Equal Spacing – If you input instance value and check Equal Spacing, the application automatically divide equal distance with selected curve.


Align To Seed – The direction of copied bodies will be the same as original one.


l Rotate Along Curve – The direction of copied bodies will follow the normal of selected curve. If you click Normal Reference button, you can select Face or Mesh to use the normal.

l Transform Curve– The copied bodies’ pattern will be same as selected curve.

l Offset Curve– The copied bodies will be offset around select curve.

l Skip Instance – You can remove instance by selecting.

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