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Cursors gibbscam

The cursor is the object moved with the mouse. Its appearance changes depending on its location. The appearance of the cursor dictates its usage.

Black Pointer

This cursor is used to select objects and geometry by clicking on them. You can zoom by dragging a rectangle around an area on the screen.

Area Select

this cursor appears when selecting or zooming. This mode is accessed by holding down the Shift key and dragging the mouse or using the Edit > Select > Mouse Drag command.

Pointing Finger

This indicates that the cursor is over a button or other control that is ready to be clicked.

Hand or Fist

This indicates that the cursor is holding an object, such as a tile, that is being moved. The cursor is displayed while a handle of the pop-up axis block is being dragged for freehand rotation or translation. The cursor is also used to indicate it is in a position to grab the trackball.

Text Edit

This indicates that the cursor is over a text input location. Clicking in the text box will produce a flashing text cursor to enter or edit the field.

Interrogation Cursor

This cursor appears when the Alt key or Shift+Alt keys are held down. The Interrogation cursor is used to automatically enter values from geometry, profiler arcs, circles and solids into text boxes.


The cursor changes to this while rolling the trackball in the View palette.

White Pointer

This cursor functions the same as the black pointer, except it is in multiple selection mode. The white pointer appears when the Ctrl key is held down or when a geometry sub-palette is open. It allows for more than one item to be selected at a time.

A common mistake is made while in multiple selection mode. When the white cursor is visible and a geometry creation sub-dialog is awaiting input, pressing the Delete key will not delete any selected items because a dialog has priority over the selection. To delete the selection, first return to the main geometry palette or press the Trash button.

Help Cursor

This cursor is activated from the Taskbar help button or when you select On Item from the Help menu. This cursor is active until you click on an item in the GibbsCAM interface. The Help cursor activates context-sensitive online help for the item you click on. Online Help will open and will attempt to load the section regarding the item you clicked. Some items go to a very specific topic; others will lead to a general section of the help.

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